Members Only Contest Rules and Awards Policies

Flatlanders Chapter of Muskies, Inc.

The following rules and policies supersede any and all previous rules and policies. These rules and policies become effective beginning with the 2016 contest year.

1) Chapter Contest Committee

A chapter contest committee exists for the following purposes:

a) To establish proposed rules and policies for the chapter release contest. Said rules and policies become effective only when presented to and accepted by the chapter executive committee.

b) To resolve any dispute(s) that may arise in the event that an established rule or policy fails to provide for a specific situation.

The Chapter Contest Committee will consist of the Chapter President, Vice-President and the Contest Release Chairman.

2) Contest Rules

Except where specifically noted, the Chapter Contest Rules will follow the rules established by Muskies, Inc. The following general rules will apply.

a) All fish (muskies) must be caught on legal sport fishing tackle (hook and line) in the United States or Canada in strict compliance with all local, state, federal or provincial laws.

b) Fish must be hooked and played by only one person and only that person may enter that fish in the contest. Assistance in landing the fish is permitted.

c) The angler must be a member in good standing at the time of the catch.

d) The chapter does not differentiate between a hybrid or true muskellunge.

e) No witness is required unless the Chapter Contest Committee, at its discretion, requests additional documentation.

f) All entries must be delivered to the Chapter Contest Release Chairman within 30 days of date of catch. The method of delivery can be US mail, E-Mail or other means, provided all required information is furnished. Members are encouraged to enter all releases themselves using the Muskies, Inc. website. However, to be eligible for the chapter contest the Chapter Contest Release Chairman must receive notification of the catch, within the required 30 days. If a member has entered the catch themselves on the Muskies, Inc. website, the member must note the “catch number” when notifying the Chapter Contest Chairman. If a member is not able to enter fish on the M/I website, the Chapter Release Chairman will enter the fish for the member. The chapter contest begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st. An exception to the 30 day rule applies in January. All fish for the previous contest year must be reported to the Chapter Contest Chairman no later than January 5th.

g) Members are encouraged to measure fish quickly and to return fish to the water as soon as possible. Measurements to the fraction of an inch are not needed. Points are awarded based on whole inch increments. Any fish reported under a half inch will be treated as the next lower whole inch. For example, a fish reported as being 42 ¼ inches long will be entered into the contest as 42 inches. Any fish reported as being a half inch or more, will be treated as the next whole inch. For example a fish reported as 42 ½ inches long will be entered into the contest as 43 inches, as will a 42 ¾ inch fish. Therefore members should report their catches in whole inches only. A fish must measure at least 30 inches to be eligible for the contest. Do not round a “short” fish to make it 30 inches.

3) Release Divisions

The following release divisions exist.

a) Men’s Release Division – 10 Awards, no point minimum

b) Women’s Release Division – 3 Awards, no point minimum

c) Junior’s Release Division – 3 Awards, no point minimum

d) Men’s Master Release Division – 2 Awards, 150 point minimum

e) Men’s Masters “400” Release Division – 1 Award, 400 point minimum

f) Women’s Masters Release Division – 2 Awards, 50 point minimum

If the winner of the Men’s Release Division has attained 150 points or more, he will be moved to the Men’s Masters Release Division the following year.

If the winner in the Men’s Master’s Release Division has attained a minimum of 400 points, he will be moved to the Men’s Masters “400” Release Division the following year.

If the winner of the Women’s Release Division has attained 50 points or more for two consecutive years, she will be moved to the Women’s Masters Release Division after the second year.

Once a member has fulfilled the requirement to move to a Masters or Masters “400” division, he or she will remain in that division. No provision for moving back is made.

4) Longest Release

A 40 inch minimum applies.

Contestants from all divisions are eligible.

5) Longest Illinois Release

To be eligible for this award, the muskie must have been caught and released from any public Illinois waterway and it must have been caught within the Illinois portion of that waterway. For example, a fish released in the Wisconsin portion of Lake Michigan would not be eligible even though Lake Michigan is also an Illinois Waterway.

6) Ties

All ties will be accepted. Awards are presented based on points. In the event two or more anglers qualify for an award and have the same number of points, each will receive an award. This does not affect the quantity of awards given in each division. For example; if in the men’s release division where there are 10 awards and there is a tie for sixth place. Awards will be presented as follows: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th. No 7th place will be awarded. In the event that a tie will cause the number of awards to exceed the defined number for the division, additional awards will be presented. For example, there are only 2 awards presented in the Men’s Masters Release Division. If multiple members tie for 2nd place, each will receive a 2nd place award. However if two members tie for 1st place, those two will receive the awards and no 2nd place will be awarded.

Where Traveling Trophies are involved, the trophy will be time-shared among the recipients

7) Outings Contest

The chapter sponsors several outings a year. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend outings. In conjunction with outings, the chapter sponsors an “Outings Contest”. The contest is optional. To enter the contest you must pay an entry fee in advance of the first outing you will attend. The entry fee will be determined and announced prior to the start of the Outings Contest and should be paid to the Outings Chairperson. Participation in the Outings Contest makes you eligible to win one of two possible prizes. The prizes may be cash or merchandise and will awarded based on the total of all entry fees collected. One half of the entry fees collected will be paid to two winners, with the other half of the entry fees collected going to the chapter. The prizes awarded will be equal in value, therefore one quarter of the collected entry fees will be paid to each of the two winners. Note that prizes and prize values may change should other prizes become available through donations to the chapter and ear-marked for this purpose. One winner will be the member accumulating the most points for muskies released during all designated outings. The standard rules for catching fish and counting points apply. However fish caught during an outing must be reported to the Outings Contest chairperson, in addition to the Release Contest chairperson. At the end of the contest, should two or more entrants have a tie based on points, the winner will be determined by drawing one name from a hat containing the names of those that tied. The other winner (the Participation Award winner) will be determined by a random drawing of all participants across all outings. By entering the outings contest (e.g. paying the entry fee) you will receive one chance at winning this prize. You will also receive one additional chance for each outing attended. You are eligible to win only one prize. The winner, based on the most points, will not be allowed to also win the Participation Award.

8) Flatlander Chapter Awards

a) Men’s Release Division

1st Place – Traveling Trophy (Donated by Mark Carlson M.D.)

1st thru 10th Places – 6” x 8” Plaque

4th place – Designated as Tim Kimball Memorial Award

b) Women’s Release Division

1st Place – Traveling Trophy – Kris Lamendola Trophy (Donated by Special-T Engraving)

1st thru 3rd Places – 6” x 8” Plaques

1st Place – Designated as Kris Lamendola Memorial Award

c) Junior’s Release Division

1st Place – Traveling Trophy – Brad Moon Memorial Trophy (Donated by Special-T Engraving)

1st thru 3rd Places – 6” x 8” Plaques

1st Place – Designated as Brad Moon Memorial Award

d) Men’s Masters Release Division (note- 150 point minimum)

1st Place – Traveling Trophy

1st and 2nd Places – 6” x 8” Plaques

e) Men’s Masters “400” Release Division (note- 400 point minimum)

1st Place – Traveling Trophy

1st Place – 6” x 8“ Plaque

f) Women’s Masters Release Division (note- 50 point minimum)

1st and 2nd Places = 6” x 8” Plaques

g) Longest Release of the Year

Traveling trophy – Ralph Blanck Memorial Trophy (winner must submit photo 40 days prior to the banquet)

8” x 10” Plaque with Photo of Largest Fish –

Plaque Designated as Ralph Blanck Memorial Award

h) 40 Inch Release Plaque

This award is a 6” x 8” engraved plate on a solid walnut plaque.

This optional award is available to any member catching and releasing at least one muskie 40 inches or longer in length. If member desires this award, the member must purchase the award. The cost will be determined based on the current cost of the plaque.

i) Longest Illinois Release

1 Award Only

Illinois Shaped Plaque with engraved plate.

j) Outings Contest

Traveling Trophy

1 Award only – 6” x 8” Plaque