Officers & Chairmen


Dick Cholke (President) Phone 815-222-1062

Tim Scruggs (Vice President)  815-312-6323

Jack Pertz (Treasure)

Jack Pertz (Chapter Representative)

Wally Haas ( Secretary)

Members Only Contest

Kyle Scruggs


Kyle Scruggs
Duane Wedler

Photo Contest
Dick Cholke

Jeff Blanck (Past President)
Steve Ruhmann
Dick Estes
Tom Pellant
Lee Bach

The Flatlander’s Executive Committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the VFW 6:30 PM. At these meetings we organize and discuss all of the club’s business, and discuss everything from speakers for the seminars to dispersing the fund raiser monies. Sometimes there is even time to talk about fishing, but we usually try to stick to the business at hand. We happily invite any Flatlander members to attend these meetings to see what goes on “behind the scenes”. The Loves Park VFW is the usual meeting place, but we’ve been known to take a road trip to a member’s house to mix things up now and then. Feel free to contact an officer or committee chairperson if you have any questions.